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Studying in an English speaking University will prove advantageous in the job market. The TOEFL is largely known for its Internet based English language assessment test that measures the candidates ability to integrate and use all four skills: Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing. It is easily accessible to test takers worldwide, with 130 countries and more than 7500 institutes accepting the TOEFL including top Universities in Australia, Canada, UK and US. The scores help determine student admissions and scholarships; higher scores provide better opportunities.

There is no passing or failing in the TOEFL. Universities and programs that accept TOEFL set their own score requirements that are based on certain English skills that students need to have. If the results are part of your application process, ensure that you take the test in time. Candidates giving the TOEFL develop a higher level of English skills, and are able to effectively communicate and succeed in an academic setting. Taking the TOEFL test is convenient because you can choose from various test site locations, you will also have access to online practise material which will help you prepare for the test day. The TOEFL is completely academic which is why it is important to demonstrate the language skills learnt in a classroom. The test uniquely combines more than one language skill. For example, you are asked to read a passage, listen to a lecture, and then write an essay based on what you've read in the passage and heard in the lecture. The TOEFL ibt is fair in its testing, and all candidates have the same testing experience, these scores are checked by certified experts. The TOEFL provides accurate scoring, this helps test takers get noticed.