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Duration: 24 Hours  Module: C++
Sl no Topic to be Covered Theory Practice sessions
1 This session covers the object-oriented approach and compares the benefits and drawback between Object Oriented Programming and the traditional approach. The session also discusses the concept of classes and objects along with encapsulation, abstraction, inheritance and polymorphism. Theory Practice sessions
2 This session covers the topics related to identifiers, variables, operators, the order of evaluation type casting and short hand operators. Theory Practice sessions
3 The student will write programs implementing the concepts of variables and operators learnt in the previous sessions. Theory Practice sessions
4 Selection constructs, looping constructs and simple control statement are the focus of this session.   Theory Practice sessions
5 In this session, the student writes programs implementing the concept of iterations and conditional constructs Theory Practice sessions
6 This session deals with the concepts of functions, pointers and arrays. It also details the operations performed on them. Theory Practice sessions
7 In this session, the student writes programs implementing the concept of functions, arrays and pointers. Theory Practice sessions
8 Function and operator overloading and their operations are the topics dealt with in this session Theory Practice sessions
9 In this session, the student learns to write programs for function and operator overloading Theory Practice sessions
10 Implementation of Inheritance through the use of constructors and destructors, and the call to the member functions from the derived classes are the topics of discussion. Theory Practice sessions
11 In this session, the student practices to write programs implementing constructors, destructors and inheritance. Theory Practice sessions
12 This session explains multiple inheritance, polymorphism and virtual functions. The concept of dynamic and static polymorphism is also explained. Theory Practice sessions
13 This session explains data structures and exception handling
In this session, the student learns to write programs implanting polymorphism and multiple inheritance.
Linked lists and exception handling basics are practiced in this session.
Theory Practice sessions